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Why buy maternity clothes?

Pregnancy and first years of your babies, which sometimes stretch to many, many years, if you decide to have more children, are quite special time. Not only your lifestyle is changing, but also your needs. During pregnancy we avoid buying too many new clothes. “It’s only for couple months”, “my belly is not even that big”, “what will I do with those things after the baby is born” Generally you are right, but in my opinion few pieces of clothes can change the quality of your life. And honestly, it’s not only a couple of months. Your body is changing and I hate to break it to you like this - but to some extent is going to stay changed.

Fashion industry is trying to shove us new seasons almost every month now, maybe it’s time to ask ourselves a question: isn’t maternity a relevant season in our lives too? When you think of it, it’s not that much of a difference. You want to feel light and breezy during summer, then warm and cozy during winter. So you have different outfits for each. Here are some reasons for you to actually buy or get second hand clothes for the early motherhood season in your life.

1. Makes you want to move and go out.

If I were to pinpoint one thing during pregnancy, that you should definitely do, is to stay active! And I don’t even mean it sports wise. Unless you are a passionate runner/biker/yogi/climber/swimmer/anything else - you should absolutely continue doing it. But also, even if you are not the „sporty” type of person, it is really important to get out of the house, read a book in the park, meet with some friends or just take a walk. And there is nothing harder, than leaving the house when you don’t feel comfortable. When it’s a hustle to find something, that would fit your changing body or allow you to nurse your child comfortably and effortlessly.

2. No pressure for the baby.

Very often I’d hear, that the „normal” clothes, especially pants still fit during pregnancy. Well... first of all, even if you are one of the lucky girls, who doesn’t gain 500kg during pregnancy and not being constantly asked if you are absolutely SURE, you’re not having twins (this kind of harassment is a topic for another post, another time), most pants are designed for your waist, putting all the pressure on the growing belly. It’s neither comfortable for you nor safe for the baby. That’s why whatever clothes you wear during pregnancy, pants or dress, make sure they either cover your belly entirely or have a hip-cut, leaving enough space for it.


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3. Wear them while adjusting to your new body.

Pregnancy changes your body. Period. For some the change is more noticeable, than for the others. And it’s always something different. Some of us struggle with changing weight, for others fluctuating size of breast is an issue. It is a process, that takes time. During this time of adjustment and getting to know each other with your body yet again, clothes you wear can be your shield. Maternity fashion is perfectly designed to give your body space to change however it is changing, while keeping you comfortable. You don’t need to hop right into a fitted dress or skinny jeans. Wear your comfy, oversized maternity fashion as long as you want to.

4. Your baby’s skin is touching it too.

This is something, that we might not be thinking often about, but clothes, that you are wearing are touching the skin of your baby as well. However when asked about this, woman do care about the quality of materials for baby wear, somehow they forget about the quality of their own clothes. Especially if you decide to breastfeed, you might want to pay attention, that clothes you are wearing are from natural materials, to extra safe from potential allergies.


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5. Make yourself comfortable.

Can you do sports in a cocktail dress? Of course you can! But why would you do it to yourself… and to the dress? Fashion has two very important missions - allowing you to express yourself and your personality and also - it’s a gear. And as every gear, it has a purpose to serve. While looking for outfit for date night out, clothing to wear while taking intense care of your children in their first year, as well as being pregnant have a different criteria. While you are catering your new baby, you should not forget about your own needs. Feeling comfortable and looking good is something, that might sound trivial, but it is very important for your mental health. And there is hardly something more comfortable, than a nice set of oversize maternity wear, designed to serve your exact needs of being extremely durable, easily washable, safe for your baby skin and also making you feel like a human woman. And this is our mission to redefine comfort in maternity with contemporary fashion.

Does all those things seem unrealistic? Comfort and design? GOTS certified materials, sustainable and ethical production? Our small brand is striving to serve mothers with great fashion, not only for couple months of pregnancy, but for many years of motherhood ahead. We stand for women empowerment and feminism and we want to support you with a great gear. Sign up for our newsletter and find out about our collection of Mother’s




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