10 Christmas gift ideas for a pregnant friend/partner/wife/sister/daughter....!

10 Christmas gift ideas for a pregnant friend/partner/wife/sister/daughter....!

And here we go again...Christmas gifts! Every year many of us struggle (more or less) to give to our beloved ones. We quite often tend to get into the trap of very general gifts (good old socks ;-) ) or the opposite - getting so much into the fever of Christmas shopping that it just ruins it all...well, Wolf Mothers are here to help you out and navigate through the world of valuable gifts for the pregnant women around you. 

Christmas gift idea no. 1: Pregnancy pillow 

A pregnancy pillow (often used as a breastfeeding pillow afterward) is a perfect Christmas gift. It gives a mom-to-be comfort and quite often becomes the best buddy throughout sleepless nights. It is available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Depending on the material and filling used, it can be flexible or not, adjusting to women’s bodies. We highly recommend the pregnancy pillow as a Christmas gift. It’s also pretty big, so your Christmas box will stand out! :-) 

Christmas gift idea no. 2: Pregnancy wear 

As moms, we guarantee you that confidence and comfort during pregnancy are essential. Each future mom will appreciate a new blouse or a hoodie as a Christmas gift. Professional maternity wear will give her belly enough space to grow, and it’s not another random oversize piece of clothing. A unique piece designed by women and made out of the highest quality materials it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift. For special pregnancy wear, you can visit our website. 

Christmas gift idea no. 3: Wellness set

There are many cosmetics out there designed for Moms-to-Be. Of course, the best ones are brands dedicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women. The last weeks before delivery might be very stressful, so a bit of self-time is needed. If you decide to get your pregnant friend a set of cosmetics as a Christmas gift, pay attention if the cosmetics are natural and gentle for her skin.

Christmas gift idea no. 4: Candles

As mentioned before, relaxation and self-time are essential in a pre-labor week. One of the methods to calm down and enjoy the pregnancy to its fullest is aromatherapy candles that we offer in our shop. We have developed candles for each trimester, so you can adjust the needs of a person you’re getting it for! Depending on the month of pregnancy, some candles boost the energy, and some are calming down. We’re sure that each Mom-to-be will love it! Isn’t it the perfect Christmas gift? 

Christmas gift idea no. 5: E-book reader

From our own experience: books are getting heavier if you’re carrying in front of you a pregnancy belly! And it’s less comfortable to read anyway. The E-book reader might be an excellent option for a Christmas gift for a pregnant friend of yours. And even more: later on, during the long hours of breastfeeding and walking with a trolley, such a reader might be a great option to continue with their passion for reading. 

Christmas gift idea no. 6: Subscirption 

If you know your friend well, you should know about our guilty pleasures. Consider getting them as a Christmas gift, a subscription to a service or app they love. Each future mom will definitely appreciate such a gift, so why not progress more in their favorite match-3 game now? 

Christmas gift idea no. 7: Reusable water bottle with filter

Each pregnant woman can relate: drinking water gets even more critical, and the doctors also stress it. It would help if you were constantly hydrated. As a perfect Christmas gift, we suggest getting a reusable water bottle that would be handy now for the last weeks of pregnancy and later on during breastfeeding. It’s a very sustainable gift, showing your love and care. 

Christmas gift idea no. 8: Pregnancy and breastfeeding BH

The well-known issue of pregnancy and breastfeeding BHs is that they all tend to look like sports underwear. In our shop, you can get BHs that gives more confidence and comfort to your beloved pregnant women. Our BHs are the perfect choice to put under the Christmas tree with the highest quality and sustainable materials. Gift the confidence and comfort with our unique pregnancy and breastfeeding underwear. 

Christmas gift idea no. 9: A bag of healthy snacks 

Peanuts, dry fruits, protein bars, anything you can think of that your pregnant friend will like to eat! Healthy snacks are essential since pregnant women often need to eat immediately after feeling hungry. Otherwise, they get dizzy and don’t feel well. Get high-quality, healthy snacks as a Christmas gift, wrap them nicely, and it’s done! Your friend will think of you warmly while getting her snack waiting in the queue at her next GYN appointment! 

Christmas gift idea no. 10: Nightwear

Let’s face it: nights can be different - many pregnant women suffer sleepless nights or lack good quality sleep. As a perfect Christmas gift for pregnant women, we highly recommend suitable quality nightwear that will make a night of Mom-to-be more comfortable. Soft, airy, good quality PJ or a bathrobe can make it easier for your pregnant friend. 

Christmas time is very special, and it can get even more special if there’s a Mom-to-be to be gifted! Her needs, feelings, and desires are most important - feel free to get some inspiration from our list to make your pregnant friend/partner/wife/sister/daughter happy this Christmas time. The list of 10 Christmas gift ideas was based on our own experience, we hope you enjoyed it!

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