The Wolf Mothers Manifesto - Wolf Mothers

The Wolf Mothers Manifesto

The Wolf Mother lives in every woman who doesn’t fit into what is expected from her. Who feels being just one is not enough. She is a dangerous beast - running wild and free between reality and fantasy. She is also a nurturing mother who cares for the offsprings of this world.


The Wolf Mother wears her skin proudly and use her voice to reach out to her pack. She does not seek approval nor attention. She is true to herself.

The Wolf Mother acknowledge privilege and responsibility coming from her role.

The Wolf Mother celebrates her vulnerability bravely.

The Wolf Mother enjoy happiness and wellbeing of her own, while understanding how crucial it is for those around her.

The Wolf Mother respects and supports women no matter how their choices differ.

The Wolf Mother understands the importance of wild nature and protection of the world she’s living in.

The Wolf Mother cares for all the children therefore child labour and unethical production are unacceptable for her.

The Wolf Mother celebrates all the shapes of her being, knowing the role of the mother only enriches what she already is.

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