"Every little thing in life has a story. Here, I would like to tell you my personal story about Wolf Mothers.

At one point, I could not figure out why I had to stop being myself. Even though I had always wanted to be a mother, the fact that I had been reduced to this one role from everything else came as a complete shock. And I felt horrible, because it was all I ever wanted.

Although I had (and am still having) many wonderful moments in my journey as a mom, there were a lot of times I felt like I was on the edge of a breakdown. I would find myself lying on the floor in tears, feeling utterly helpless because of insignificant situations, like dropping something on the floor or having my favourite blouse ruined by a mashed banana.

Adjusting to change is never easy. But what bothered me the most was that after everything changed—not just my body but also the way I relax or have fun—there wasn’t much to cater to my new and different needs.

Wolf Mothers are exactly about serving your needs and your new lifestyle. Make it a tiny bit easier and save you from having one breakdown at a time. But it’s also about being yourself in this time of change. being both a wild spirit AND a caring mother. It’s about giving love to yourself first before you can pass it on to your family. It’s about your well-being, your mental health, and your peace of mind. Wolf Mothers is about supporting you with such little things as fashion. However, those clothes are intended to serve you and your needs in your new role while still respecting you as an individual.

This is what I hope you will find here."

Picture: Yael Jamina Illustration


Anna is the founder of Wolf Mothers and a mother of two herself. After many years on the Berlin Startup scene, she decided to solve a real problem with a very tangible solution. She believes that mothers are a power, that can make a world a better place.