The season for maternity:

Being a mom of a small child is a special time in every woman’s life. First getting to know each other, and then exploring the world together. 


It's a time when you get 4 hours of sleep at night, and you are so happy about it. 

It's a time when you regularly eat things off the floor.

Last but not least, a time of endless cuddling and discovering how much love you have within you.


Our fashion is designed to make this time in your life comfortable.


As a mom of two, our founder, Anna, knows exactly what those needs are. Having trouble finding something to wear, she started Wolf Mothers.


Our clothes tick all the boxes:

  • You can easily breastfeed in them.
  • They have huge pockets.
  • They are super soft and safe for your baby's skin.
  • You don’t need to iron them.
  • They are made from certified, sustainable materials.
  • They are perfect for every season.
  • They have a loose fit, and they look good on every body type.
  • Although they are pregnancy-friendly, they don’t look like pregnancy clothes.


We see fashion as a beautiful form of self-expression as well as a very pragmatical tool. Each piece in your wardrobe serves a purpose. It can make you feel better, impress others, and feel more comfortable during sports.



We care a lot about this world, and we do as much as we can to produce clothes in the best way possible.


All of our clothes are produced in a small family workshop in neighbouring Poland. Poland is a country with very long textile traditions and its proximity to Berlin allows us to save our carbon footprint.


Our clothes are produced from at least OEKO TEX 1000 certified materials.


We use recycled or materials made from recycled materials.



Wolf Mothers support love in all of its shapes and colours. We don’t care if you are being supported on this journey by your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, binary and non-binary friends, or even your own parents. In our communication, we say "partner," but this is what we mean by that.

However, we recognise that parenting is more difficult for single mothers and rainbow families. We cannot help you with all that you are going through, but write to us on social media or at We have a special discount for you. Also, you’re the best! We love you!


Body positivity

A mother’s body is a work of art. When you look at your pictures of your pre-pregnancy body, you should feel a tiny bit sorry for that girl. She doesn’t know what her body is capable of doing yet.

You already know how strong your body is. Don’t let anyone make you doubt it. 

We believe that the phrase "to get your body back after pregnancy" should disappear from the media! You have never lost your body! Your body grew a person and then brought it to the world. Please, love it and appreciate it.