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Wolf Mothers

The Third Trimester Candle: Calm down! (Lavender and pine)

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The last three months of pregnancy can be really tough. Your belly is pretty big at this point and there is a lot of movement going on inside! Unfortunately, often your back hurts, your hands and feet might be swollen and annoying heartburn. Although a lot of people would annoyingly tell you to “as long as you still can”, falling asleep can be hard too. And you are thinking a lot about the upcoming labour! To help you ease and calm down during this time we have for you this very calming composition. 

Lavender: The queen of calming aromas! Lavender has the most calming effect and helps with anxiety. Also, it’s the most natural remedy for sleeping problems. Also often used in aromatherapy to treat colds.

Pine: It’s a very intense smell, used often to treat migraines, muscle tension and lung diseases. Before going to sleep it will help you with sleeping better, however, during the day it will energise you!

This aroma candle is also great support during any trimester and after the baby is born in treating the common cold and flu!

Both scents are from 100% natural essential oils and this combination will help you relax in the last weeks before the baby is there with you. We recommend lighting this candle as an evening ritual with meditation or journaling before going to sleep.