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Candle for the Fourth-Trimester: Baby! I need more energy! (Peppermint and lemongrass)

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When the child is born the world welcomes not just one, but two new people - the baby and the mother! First, three months of a child’s life are often called “the fourth trimester” because this time is necessary for both Baby and Mum to adjust to life outside of the belly. This is a very intense time for the entire family, welcoming a new member. There are many emotions during this time and… let’s say, that it can be hard to remember, that all emotions are good! For this special time of bonding and going through yet another intense phase of body healing after birth we have for you the energy shot, you will need!

Peppermint: Although mint tea is not recommended for breastfeeding, peppermint scent has a very uplifting effect on the body and soul. This smell will immediately boost your mood. It also helps with fighting headaches.

Lemongrass: Despite the citrus smell, lemongrass is still grass! However, used in aromatherapy it has a similar effect to other citrus scents. It energizes and revitalizes. Perfect for sleep deprivation!

Both scents are from 100% natural essential oils and this combination will help you enjoy accustoming to the new routine with your baby there. Be careful with lighting the candle! Make sure, that it’s far enough from your child. Enjoy it with some peaceful moments with a book, maybe even during breastfeeding!