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Wolf Mothers

Aromatherapy soy candles: FULL SET

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Enjoy all 4 pregnancy candles and their effects in the Four Trimesters set! Each candle has its own properties and helps with different symptoms. Although we recommend each candle for a particular trimester, it can be used freely throughout the pregnancy and after it!

  1. The First-trimester aroma candle: Help me, please! | Ginger, orange and lemon
  2. The Second-trimester aroma candle: Back to life! | Bergamotte, grapefruit and lemon
  3. The Third-Trimester: Calm down! | Lavender and pine
  4. The Fourth-Trimester: Baby! I need more energy! | Peppermint and lemongrass

All candles are made from soy wax and 100% natural essential oils and are inside a glass jar, that can be washed after the candles are burned and reused.

Using the candles for the specific trimesters is just our recommendation. The candles can of course be used however you like, no matter what trimester you are in!